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Do you need help with 3D Engineering, Data Modelling & Visualisation?

3D Engineering

Civil Modelling for Road & Rail Infrastructure, Land Development, Coastal, Mining, Metros and Tunnelling.

3D Data Modelling

Large scale data models, Point Clouds, GIS or land survey:

We specialise in data communication – what would you like yours to say?

Geotechnical Data

Do you need to create or model geotechnical data?

Or embed your geotechnical data into CAD or BIM workflows?

3D Visualisation

Design analysis, construction process, stakeholder buy-in, high impact communication and presentation:

We build in 3D because that’s the way the real world is – we like keeping it real.

BIM & Wide Area 3D Modelling

Our data skills mean we can efficiently develop complex 3D models over wide areas with thousands of objects – whole city models.

This image shows 13,000+ 3D buildings from CAD & GIS mapping data, and a TIN ground surface built with 50,000+ raw 2D & 3D objects.

Big scale modelling for full BIM integration.


3D is what we do.

Accurate virtual construction. 2D to 3D conversions from CAD, electronic data, or even from a sketch – the way it used to be.


Dynamic 3D Civil design & modelling for infrastructure, mining, land development, construction.


Information Modelling for design communication, project collaboration, costs & quantities, management.


Databases, data management, AGS4, geotechnical CAD and BIM.


Engineering data analysis, systems and workflows; CAD/data interaction, extraction. Data virtualisation (‘analog to digital’).


Spatial data analysis, large datasets, GIS to CAD data conversion.

I’m still the person to talk to about 3D Modelling, geotechnical data workflows, and BIM…


…I’m just no longer operating as Enzdata. I’m working with McMillen Jacobs Associates, in Auckland.

How can I help?   Kent  +64 21 45 2112

Kent Langdon was the director of Enzdata Limited – and is now Senior Project CAD/BIM with McMillen Jacobs

Kent has been in Civil & Geotechnical Engineering since 1993. Seeing-out the 90’s with T+T in New Zealand in geotechnical CAD and data work, he spent half of the ‘noughties UK-based with Mott MacDonald, working with geotechnical data management and 3D modelling in Transportation and Infrastructure. The remainder he spent in New Zealand land development CAD design roles.

Following opportunities in major transportation projects in Hong Kong, Kent went consulting as Enzdata in August 2009.

Enzdata assisted with 3D Design, CAD Modelling and BIM for infrastructure, transportation and civil development projects in New Zealand, Australia, and Hong Kong until early 2018. He also spent a few years as a technical specialist with Keynetix, having used their geotechnical database system (and Civil 3D BIM tools) since 2001.

For more detail on Kent’s work history, refer to his Linked In profile.

Kent is married to Sara and they’re kept very busy with three young children. Kent’s other passions include music, church, mountains, and good red wine.

We’ve been pushing data in, out, and through CAD environments for decades.

Our highly-tuned 3D CAD, GIS and BIM modelling skills will help you design, analyse, visualise and manage your project.

Geotechnical Databases

We use Keynetix HoleBASE SI Professional information system to store, interrogate and analyse our geotechnical data. Talk to us about optimising your geotechnical data workflows.


We are highly experienced with the AGS data transfer standard, having worked with it since 2001. AGS4 enables the electronic transfer and storage of geotechnical data regardless of software system.

Civil & BIM

Geotechnical data – boreholes, down-hole test data, sample and lab data – directly inside the CAD or BIM environment.